How Family Therapy Helps to Bring People Together

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Family therapy is a private therapy practice akin to relationship counselling in that participants attend therapy sessions to learn practical ways of strengthening familial bonds and resolving any conflicts that may have arisen.

Like any interpersonal relationship, family dynamics are complex, so having the opportunity to articulate your personal experience in a non-judgemental space can help you to feel heard by those closest to you.

Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling offer Family Therapy and family counselling to help you and your family ease difficult atmosphere, or family conflict, and foster the development of a more open communication style that will encourage this occurring naturally in future.

Family Therapy in Newcastle

The roots of family therapy date back 6 decades, with the approach adapted to fit the psychological developments and research that has been developed over time.

Family therapy and family counselling involve the relevant family members meeting as a group with the family therapist, psychologist or counsellor to help understand and unpack the difficulty that is being faced so that our therapist can work with you to overcome your difficulty.

Families are frequently faced with stressful situations that can impact on an individual and on a family level. For some, this can be arguing, conflict or difficulty with tolerating another person’s behaviour. For others, it might be that there is a problem in the family that needs discussing but there are barriers to doing so.

Sometimes, individuals within the family might be experiencing problems and the difficulty might be manifesting in a way that causes problems at home. Working with a family therapist or family counsellor can help each member of the family support each other to develop better ways of coping.

Working with a Family Psychologist in Newcastle

Our Family Psychologists are experienced and fully qualified family therapist, and offers the most up to date approaches to family therapy and family counselling.

His experience comes from years of having worked with hundreds of families during his career to help them overcome difficulties and work through challenges that individual family members, or entire family systems, might be experiencing.

As well as being qualified family therapists, many also have experience of working with children, and with couples, therefore being able to help with an even greater range of problems that might come up within families.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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