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Relationship Counselling in Newcastle

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Whether you’re having problems in your relationship or you’d just like to understand your partner better, talking things through with our Specialist Couples Counsellors in Newcastle can make a real difference.

Relationship, couples and marriage counselling  at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling  is available to anyone. Whether you’re married or in a civil partnership, single, living together or apart, straight, gay, bisexual or transgender we can help you strengthen your relationship.

We can also help couples work through difficulties such as affairs, attachment, jealousy and trust issues whether occurring in new or established relationships or marriages.

Couples Counselling Newcastle

At Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling we offer a caring, confidential and supportive environment in which you and/or you and your partner can examine problems or worries you are having, and think about ways to address them.

People come to see us for lots of different reasons.  Some come for relationship counselling or marriage counselling because of arguing, relationship problems, or difficulties communicating with their partner.

Others come when they are thinking of breaking up and want to be sure, or they might be in the process of coming to terms with the practicalities of a break up or divorce.

Relationship problems can be complicated and may stem from individual or joint difficulties, such as those rooted in early attachment styles.  They can also be caused by past or current problems such as infidelity, affairs or jealousy.

Working with one of our experienced Couples Counsellors can help individuals, couples (whether married or unmarried), and their relationship grow together, resolving past and current problems in order to bring about change.

Marriage Counselling Newcastle

Working with our couples counsellors and/or marriage counsellors can help resolve issues that are troubling your relationship such as:

  • Improving your emotional well-being
  • Reducing stress in your relationship
  • Improving communication between you and your partner
  • Leading to a more stable family life
  • Helping to develop further parenting skills
  • Improving sexual relationships & performance
  • Greater understanding of your own and your partner’s feelings
  • Reducing jealousy & working through previous affairs
  • Increasing confidence and security in your relationship

By talking through your relationship issues in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space, our highly skilled and experienced Relationship, Marriage, and Couples Counsellors can help you improve your relationship during times of difficulty.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is a crucial opportunity to improve your relationship and resolve any issues or difficulties in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space.

The support and guidance of a trained Relationship Counsellor can be vital in repairing and/or improving communication within the relationship and help give you a better understanding of yourself and your partner.

Is relationship counselling the same as couples therapy in Newcastle?

Couples therapy and relationship counselling are interchangeable terms. The couples counselling Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling provide is available to anybody, whatever the type or arrangement of relationship. 

The specialist couples counsellors within our service are able to help you resolve a wide variety of interpersonal conflicts, including fallouts, arguing, separation, and commitment problems.   Our couples counselling in Newcastle is always safe, supportive and non-judgemental.

Do you offer marriage counselling in Newcastle?

Our specialist couples and relationship counsellors are also trained marriage guidance counsellors and so understand the specific challenges that married couples might face.  Marriage counselling is therefore available alongside our couples counselling services.

From trying to resolve a communication breakdown to helping you deal with the stressful practicalities of divorce, our marriage counselling in Newcastle service can help improve your emotional wellbeing as well as any difficulties or challenges that come from your relationship.

What are some of the issues your couples counselling in Newcastle can help with?

Our couples counselling services can help with a variety of relationship related difficulties.  Perhaps you and your partner argue too frequently, or problems such as affairs or jealousy have threatened the relationship.

It could also be that you want to improve your relationship by better understanding each other or to help resolve attachment difficulties.   Alternatively, maybe you are new parents looking for ways to improve your parenting relationship or arrangements.

As well as resolving your difficulties, our experienced couples counsellors can also help you to cope when things don’t work out, such as during a break-up or divorce.  Many of our counsellors can work with you individually if your relationship has broken down, and you need help to support you through separation, rebuild your life, or move forwards following your relationship.   

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