Relationship Red Flags – Can Couples Counselling Help?

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There can be a number of reasons why relationships hit difficulties.  Admitting that you need help with your relationship can be hard, and many couples believe that if they’re meant to be together they should be able to fix things themselves.

There’s no shame in contacting professional services, such as our couples counselling in Newcastle service, for help.  In fact, it can be helpful as we know that small problems that are avoided or ignored can end up hurting the relationship even more in the long run.

Relationship counselling or therapy with our experienced Couples Counsellor can be a great way to tackle issues together before they go too far.  If you notice any of the following “Relationship Red Flags”, it might be time to seek some help to see if your relationship can continue as smoothly as possible:

Constant Arguing or Difficulty Talking About Important Issues

Bringing up serious issues can be a scary thing to do and often we worry how our partner will react, which can put us off saying anything at all.

Attending couples counselling in Newcastle can help you talk about tricky issues and give you and your partner the confidence to talk about and resolve things that would otherwise be outside of your relationship’s comfort zone if left alone. 

By providing a safe and non-judgemental space where you can air difficult feelings and talk about any relationship problems that might be going on, our trained couples counsellor can offer insight and help you understand each other’s coping mechanisms, subsequent reactions and work through any differences to improve your relationship.

You Don’t Know If You Want to Stay in the Relationship

Navigating this situation can be hard and sweeping these doubts under the carpet rarely does any good for either partner. 

More often, the longer you have these feelings without them being resolved, the more likely you are to drift apart.  For some people, “relationship nerves” can be common (even years down the line), though for others it can be a sign that there is something wrong.

Our couples counselling in Newcastle service can allow you to talk and think through your situation, whether alone or with your partner, with a skilled and experienced therapist in a confidential setting so you can decide what you want to do. 

Your counsellor will also support you in whatever decision you make to help you move forward whether together, or as an individual.

You Want to Move Past a Difficult Event

All relationships have their ups and downs, but some problems impact a relationship harder than others.

Whether there has been infidelity, loss of a loved one, or family difficulties, seeking couples counselling in Newcastle can help you and your partner deal with the problem and move forward as a couple.

By understanding why the difficult event(s) happened, and working with you to move forward, we can help you work towards a resolution that suits you and your situation, whatever direction that might be.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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Dr Stuart Sadler

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