How to Live in The Moment

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Meditation has many mental and physical health benefits that can be achieved by the deliberate practice of mindfulness techniques and meditation – one of them is helping you become present and to live in the moment.

If you are hoping to reduce chronic feelings of stress, manage an existing mental health difficulty or want to become more productive in everyday life, our meditation in Newcastle classes are right for you.

Here are three ways in which mindfulness and meditation can help you:

Goal: Achieve a Greater Sense of Calm.

When you practice meditation in Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s classes, you will benefit from having a highly qualified and specialist Mindfulness Teacher (Michael Atkinson) to help guide you.

Michael has taught many people how to achieve the greater sense of overall wellbeing, reduce relapse, and support people in their mental health through his highly praised online mindfulness meditation and face to face sessions.

Through his sessions, you can learn how to centre yourself for the day ahead and be able to tap into that feeling of calm whenever you need to throughout the day so you can manage with whatever life throws at you.

Goal: Be More Present

There are many mantras that incorporate some variation of the message “live in the moment”, and though this can help us be more productive, manage our mental health, and cope with stress better it is often easier said than done.

For many people modern life is often stressful and can quickly fill up our attentional bandwidth, leading us to spend a lot of our time on autopilot, or anxiety through overthinking.

By learning mindfulness meditation techniques in Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s classes, you can learn to detach from spiralling thoughts so you can enjoy the present moment and make better decisions in day to day life.

Goal: Manage Your Moods Better

Everyday life is often set to a busy schedule that forces us to live on autopilot without thinking about how this affects our mood.

Mindfulness and meditation are both proven tools that help you manage your mood (whether you experience general sadness, depression, anger, or anxiety) and be able to be more deliberate about the way you live through being able to let go of negative thoughts.

Thanks to the mindfulness aspect of meditation, mindfulness meditation helps you to be able to protect your peace and let go of negative thoughts so you can improve your mood and manage your day to day emotions.

Meditation Classes in Newcastle upon Tyne and Online

One of the benefits of practising mindfulness meditation in Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s dedicated one-to-one classes is that the meditation session can be focused towards your own goals and/or situation.

Each session involves focusing on your specific aims and providing you with customised meditations which are practised and recorded with you during the session so that they can be given to you afterwards (included as part of your session), allowing you to create your own personalised meditation library.

Whether you opt for a small group sessions with friends or individual sessions, the time can be arranged to best suit your schedule.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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Dr Stuart Sadler

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