Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Management

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For those who suffer from it, chronic pain can often feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with. As well as causing physical and emotional distress, pain and illness can lead to additional problems in life, affecting both work and relationships.

Here at Newcastle Psychologist, we provide chronic pain counselling in Newcastle that can help individuals with chronic pain and illness to lead an improved quality of life.

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain is one of our therapy techniques offered, helping individuals to accept their chronic condition, and providing greater pain relief. Read on to discover more about how hypnotherapy can be used in chronic pain management.

What is Hypnotherapy?

The technique of hypnotherapy uses relaxation and visualisation methods to guide individuals into a hypnotic state, where you experience a lowered heart rate, relaxation, and a reduction of inhibitions.

Through hypnotherapy, your therapist will teach you how to use your mind to manage emotional distress, negative habits, and physical symptoms. This makes the technique an extremely useful tool when it comes to coping with pain.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Chronic Pain?

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain is often focused on acceptance of a condition, aiming to reduce the anxiety around it. Because perceptions of pain can hugely influence pain levels and management, fear and anxiety can lead to the worsening of symptoms over time.

By reducing fear of pain through hypnotherapy, your quality of life can be greatly improved, and chronic pain levels reduced.

Some studies have also shown that hypnotherapy can have an analgesic effect, leading to reduced pain and increased functioning for those with chronic oncological pain, neuropathic pain, TMJ disorder pain, and fibromyalgia.

Because hypnotherapy can put you in a highly relaxed state, it can also help to reduce the stress associated with the cycle of chronic pain. Muscle stiffness and tension can be eased through regular hypnotherapy sessions, helping to reduce the intensity, duration, frequency of chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Therapy Newcastle

Although hypnotherapy is not a “cure” for chronic pain and illness, the practise can provide great relief for those suffering, by helping individuals to influence and self-regulate pain perception.

If you are searching for an effective method of chronic pain management, our hypnotherapists in Newcastle can help to provide analgesia, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce the need for medication.

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