Is Your Child Struggling with Lockdown?

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Being a child or young adult can be a confusing time as they continue to grow and have to learn to manage their emotions.

During lockdown, many children and young people have been cut off from face-to-face social contact with their friends and peers, finding themselves unable to go outside in the way they want, and (like many people) having to change their normal routine with little certainty of the future.

If your child is struggling with the changes happening in their world, such as going back to school or anxiety around the coronavirus pandemic, there is help available from our child psychologists in Newcastle.

How Child Psychologists and Child Counselling Can Help

Every child is unique, and each has their own problems even outside of this unprecedented time.  We have seen an increase in the number of children experiencing depression, anxiety, worry, and anger, as well as feeling more isolated during this time.

Due to being in the process of development, children and young people (including teenagers) may find it hard to process these emotions in the same way that adults can, leading to potential behavioural or mental health problems, as well as worries that impact at home.

Our child counselling services in Newcastle are available to children of all ages, including young children, teenagers and young people going through difficult times. By working with one of our experienced Child Psychologists or Child Counsellors, your son or daughter can learn to communicate, recognise, and process emotions in a safe space, helping them manage day to day life and improve their situation at home.

What Happens in a Child Psychology or Counselling Session?

Through attending sessions, with or without a parent present, your child will be able to talk about their situation and their problems and work through their feelings with their psychologist or counsellor. 

The therapist will then help your child to learn positive coping mechanisms and emotional processing skills from a young age which can help them now as well as later in adult life.

Not only does this set them up better for life as an adult and the challenges that occur, but it can also reduce things like tantrums, anxiety, difficulty with attachment and other problems that might be happening.

Some of the therapeutic methods we use are:

  • CBT for Children – to help them learn to challenge negative thought processes.
  • Play Therapy – to help understanding negative emotions and circumstances.
  • Family Therapy – to enhances communication in the home environment.
  • Mindfulness – to promotes positivity, fun and to be in the present moment.

Contact our Child Psychologists and Counsellors

To contact us about child counselling or to speak to one of our child psychologists in Newcastle, send us a message using the form below or contact us on 07966 645 198.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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