Do You Need to Seek Counselling?

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There are a whole number of reasons that people seek counselling in Newcastle upon Tyne, with many people using it as a stepping stone to help them deal with difficulties in life.

Whether it’s to help with an ongoing problem, to deal with a traumatic life event or even to adapt to new life circumstances (such as bereavement, retirement, change in physical health), counselling can be extremely helpful in helping people to choose a direction in life or reach their full potential.

Here are some of the ways that counselling can help dealing with the past, present and worries about the future.

Dealing with the Past

Many people seek our counselling in Newcastle upon Tyne to help them deal with things that have occurred in the past but are still affecting them in the present. This could include parental divorce, infidelity, a traumatic experience or even a new medical diagnosis.

All of these events can have a huge impact on a person’s life without them realising, and often results in behaviour patterns or thought processes and emotions that can cause difficulties in the present. 

Many people that see our psychologists, counsellors and therapists in Newcastle find that counselling helps them deal with difficult issues and problems from the past, even if they happened years ago or during childhood, to help them feel better again.

Deal with the Present

People living with complex conditions such as work stress, depression, PTSD or trauma, anxiety, and anger difficulties can all benefit from counselling in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Counselling and therapy are both established ways of helping people learning to deal with problems and to overcome the difficulties in day to day life that these can cause.

By talking through your thoughts, feelings, and responses or reactions with a trained counsellor, you can start to understand how these problems might be affecting you and develop strategies and way to help you move forward in spite of what’s happened.

Dealing with the Future

Counselling in Newcastle upon Tyne can help people deal with uncertainty and worry or stress about the future, helping you to deal with big life changes like retirement, moving house, welcoming a child into the world or dealing with a breakup

Counselling can also help you adjust to a change in your own circumstances that might require planning for the future or coming to terms with a loss or change of direction in life. 

This can be particularly useful for people who experience anxiety and find that certain stressful life events accentuate their symptoms.

For More Information

If you think you may benefit from seeing a counsellor and accessing our private and confidential counselling in Newcastle, contact us using the form below or call us today on 07966 645 198.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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