How Counselling Promotes Positive Mental Health

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Counsellors in Newcastle

Our counselling service in Newcastle aims to help people who are going through a range of difficult emotions, though more and more people are starting to work with counsellors and psychologists to improve their day to day productivity and wellbeing.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to be experiencing an emotional problem such as anxiety or depression or having been through a trauma to benefit from counselling – though counselling can be an effective form of treatment to help with these.

As well as helping you overcome difficulties, counselling can be used to help you function better in day to day life.  It can help you overcome everyday problems, negative thinking and the challenges faced each day.

But how does counselling help in this way?

Providing a Neutral, Contained Setting

Our counselling clinic in Newcastle provides an neutral space where you can discuss  your thoughts, feelings and talk through your current problems and challenges with a non-judgemental counsellor who will help you make sense of your current situation and help problem solve any difficulties with you. 

When discussing issues, challenges, or problems with friends or family, they can be too invested in helping you feel better in the short term.  They also might often encourage their own explanations for what they “would do” in your situation, which can be unhelpful in the longer term.

Instead, our counsellors take an unbiased and neutral approach and help you to work through difficult feelings and help you problem solve based on your own values and needs, rather than someone else’s. 

Identifying Patterns

Counselling can help you identify unhelpful patterns or thought processes that can hold you back and prevent you from making progress and moving forward.

By bringing these out into the room, you and your counsellor can examine your thoughts and feelings and spot any unhelpful and self-sabotaging patterns or themes might be contributing to your difficulty or keeping you stuck.

Our counselling in Newcastle is based around reflection and realising internal conclusions that help you, and also teaching you effective techniques for coping with any difficulties that might be relevant.

By reprocessing information and looking at your internal ‘self-talk’ and/or patterns of responding to what is going on, counselling can you give back control and move you towards a more desireable outcome in your life.

Providing Perspective

By working through your difficulties and current challenges going on, counselling can help you gain a greater sense of the true reality of your situation, as opposed to how bad you think or feel your situation is.

This can help you form a more balanced perspective of your life and what’s important to you, and help guide you through the difficulties you might be experiencing at the present time and/or in future.   

By encouraging and supporting you with healthy emotional processing, our experienced counselling team in Newcastle can help you recognise that the greatest sources of pain are sometimes the greatest healing opportunities, as well as opportunities to growth and learn about yourself in a way that will help you manage and overcome challenges in the present, and in the future.

For Further Information

For more information about counselling in Newcastle, and whether seeing one of our counsellors or therapists might help you, contact us by calling 07966 645 198.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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