Mental Health Services in the UK

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With many of us now open to talking about our mental health more than ever before, it’s important to also know about the range of support available.

As psychologists and therapists in Newcastle, we understand the importance of accessible and effective mental health support.

Whether you’re unsure how to seek help, or are looking a specialist talking therapy, there are a number of options available.

Read below for an overview of the mental health services available in the UK, and the ways in which to get help.

Help from Your GP

If you talk to your GP about your mental health they will offer advice, and can refer you to the right specialist mental health services for your needs.

When this is done through the NHS, referrals may sometimes take weeks or even months before you are able to see a therapist or counsellor.

For those needing support in a timelier manner, our therapists and counsellors at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling provide a range of psychological services, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytical therapy (CAT) and other forms of psychotherapy.

Support for Children & Adolescents

If your child is struggling with their mental health, their school or college may be able to refer them directly to a specialist mental health service, where they will be supported by a specialist.

Our team of child psychologists and counsellors in Newcastle can help your son or daughter to overcome whatever issues they may be facing, using specific child counselling approaches.

Help From Your Workplace

If your mental health issues are caused by stress at work, your employer could potentially be able to refer you to occupational health services.

Alternatively, our work stress counselling in Newcastle can help you to develop effective stress management techniques, in order to overcome your stress-based problems and improve your mental health.

Crisis Intervention

If you feel unable to keep yourself safe, or have suicidal thoughts, it is a mental health emergency. In this case, a crisis resolution and home treatment team (CRHT) can support you through a crisis at home.

Based in your local area, your CRHT may give a special crisis number to contact, which can be called in a mental health emergency, instead of 999.

Hospital treatment

For those in immediate crisis, or with severe mental health problems, hospital inpatient services can provide support.

Although most hospital admissions are voluntary, if you are assessed to be at risk of harming yourself or others, you may be detained under a section of the Mental Health Act 1983, to enable you receive the help you need.

Psychological Services Newcastle

There are a wide range of mental health services that you can use without talking to your GP, by self-referring.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, or a sleep disorder, our psychological services in Newcastle encompass a range of effective therapies and treatments.

To get the help you need, enquire by filling in the box below, or calling 07966645198 to speak to a member of our team today.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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