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The heightened focus on our relationship that happens following Christmas and New Year, and then with Valentine’s day in February, may cause people to think about their relationship more.

Sometimes couples can develop a way of relating to each other that creates patterns of interacting or communicating that can cause problems or fall-outs in the relationship.

If this is the case, relationship counselling at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling can create a safe space for you to work through difficulties the kind of relationship you envisioned when you first partnered together in a non-judgemental and safe atmosphere.

Here are some of the ways that relationship counselling can help:

Helping When Becoming Parents

It is common for couples to experience relationship difficulties upon the arrival of a new baby or becoming a parent (whether for the first or successive time).

The change in relationship dynamic and adjustment to routines within the relationship is not always a smooth transition and can cause conflict or difficulty within the relationship, which can lead to uncertainty about the relationship and/or disagreements about parenting styles.

Our specialist relationship counsellors are able to help you develop cohesion within your family structure, so that you can develop confidence and feel supported in your role as parents.

This can include helping you develop your values as a couple, and supporting you in your transition from partners to parents.

Feeling More Secure in Your Relationship

As any relationship develops, unresolved issues from the past (such as difficult childhood or bad experiences from previous relationships) can start to cause unease and insecurity in one or both partners.

This can lead to partners developing unhealthy patterns of behaviour and feelings of uncertainty, jealousy, or doubt about the other’s behaviour in the relationship. In some cases this can lead to infidelity or cheating as one or both of the partners in the relationship feels unloved and seek feelings of being wanted from others.

By talking through your concerns with our relationship counsellors in a safe and non-judgemental space, you will be able to work through feelings of insecurity in your relationship so that you can become stronger as a couple.

Working Through Difficulties

Arguments, disagreements and fall-outs are normal in any relationship, however if these start to go too far or are happening often, it can be a sign that there are underlying difficulties that need a therapist’s help.

We have a natural tendency to want to avoid dealing with important issues and as a result, underlying problems are often buried and only come out during arguments or times of high emotion.

When communication within the relationship is not working, talking to one of our skilled couples and relationship counsellors in Newcastle (or even online) can help you discuss and resolve any problems affecting your relationship in a helpful and meaningful way.

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There are many ways in which you can improve your bond with your partner, even when having difficulties within your relationship.

The trained couples and relationship therapists at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling can help you work through problems whatever the arrangement of your relationship.

To speak to one of our relationship counsellors, contact us by filling in the box below or call us on 07966645198 today.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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