The Importance of Good Communication in Relationships

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Everyone has heard the phrase before that communication is key.

Good communication is the best way to improve any relationship you have – especially romantic relationships.

You might be wondering what happens when couples attend counselling sessions with a couples therapist in Jesmond or a nearby area in Newcastle to improve their communication and their relationship.

Here are some reasons why great communication is important in relationships:

Communication is Key

Effective and frequent communication is crucial to strengthening a relationship. Lots of people fear being honest in their communication in cases it pushes the other person away if difficult feelings are discussed.

The problem with this is that if you don’t talk about and resolve small within the relationship, there is the risk of these developing into bigger issues.

Having regular communication where you feel able to talk about difficult feelings or situations is a sign of a healthy relationship and allows you to resolve issues quickly and more effectively.

Trust and Depth

When you regularly discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner, you give the opportunity to learn about each other.

Misunderstandings come from misinterpreting intentions behind the other person’s words or actions and communication helps to build trust and understand the other person’s values better.

By doing this, depth and intimacy can grow, so that your bond can strengthen – as well as helping you feel more supported in your relationship.

Being Able to Listen More

A large part of communication lies in listening. While you might be desperate to communicate your needs to your partner, you also need to be open to listening to your partner so they can communicate their own relationship wants and needs.

Practice active listening – be present while they are talking and give signes that you are listening. This might include eye contact while they are talking, acknowledging and reflecting back what you hear them saying, and checking what they mean so that you are understanding them properly.

When you focus on what they are actually saying, rather than your opinions on what they are saying, you have more space to understand your partner on a deeper level and meet each other’s needs better.

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Communication in a relationship is important, and many problems arise from misunderstanding or not communicating relationship wants and needs effectively.

Many of these problems can be resolved through working a skilled couples counsellor or relationship therapy to help you and your partner communicate in a helpful way.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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