What can Hypnotherapy Treat?

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Hypnotherapy has been used to help many people overcome a wide range of issues.

During a hypnotherapy session, a trained hypnotherapy specialist helps to guide you into a relaxed state of consciousness and helps enact change through providing helpful messages directly to your subconscious.

If you are seeking out hypnotherapy in Newcastle to help you break bad habits, overcome difficulties such as anxiety or stress, or to reach self-development goals, hypnotherapy with our specialist hypnotherapists in Newcastle can help.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Unlike the representations in popular media, hypnotherapy does not lead to you forgetting what has happened or being put into a “trance” where you have no idea what is happening.

Hypnotherapy is actually a safe method of relaxation where you remain fully aware of what is being said at all times. You are also able to open your eyes and become fully conscious again at any time you choose.

The commonly held belief if that hypnotherapy allows you and your therapist to communicate with the subconscious mind, and give it powerful supportive messages that can help you become less emotionally reactive, and regulate your behaviour better.

Hypnotherapy in Newcastle can therefore be helpful when wanting to overcome fears or common phobias such as flying, animals, , crowded spaces, etc. or if you want to break habits such as binge eating, smoking or behaviours that come out during stress.

Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Hypnotherapy is so helpful that some of our specialist addictions counsellors in Newcastle also use hypnotherapy to help support their addictions counselling work.

Difficulties that lead to impulsive addictive behaviour such as gambling, alcohol or drug use can all benefit from hypnotherapy, as can sex and shopping addiction.

All of our hypnotherapists are specially trained in hypnotherapy, and many have a counselling background to be able to help work you through your difficulties in a supportive and confidential way, as well as to be able to guide you as to whether hypnotherapy is right for you and your problem.

The Root Cause

While hypnotherapy looks at helping resolve symptoms through addressing some deeply held beliefs and thoughts, hypnotherapy does not change who you are as a person.

What it can do however, is help you develop new relaxation and decision making skills in the moment when faced with triggers that might encourage you to engage in anxious (such as tension, stress and catastrophic thinking) or addictive behaviour.

Many people have been able to overcome difficult to break habits, and felt a greater sense of calm and relaxation from hypnotherapy that has helped them to function better in day to day life and manage their behaviour more effectively.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

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Dr Stuart Sadler

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