When is The Best Time to Meditate?

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Meditation can be an effective coping strategy to help us calm down when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.  It can reduce negative thinking, increase relaxation, and help let go of difficult emotions. 

Our specialist meditation in Newcastle practitioners, comprising of Mindfulness Teachers, Clinical Psychologists, and therapists, know that this ancient practice can help with difficulties relating to stress, depression, anxiety, sleep and even physical pain amongst other problems. 

When feeling too busy, too overwhelmed or like you don’t have the time to stop, it can be difficult to fit meditation into your schedule.  We have therefore put together a few ideas of the best times to meditate depending on your goals.

Goal: General Wellbeing, Improved Productivity

Best Time for Meditation – In the Morning

Although meditating at any time of day is ideal, most people prefer to spend 10-20 minutes in the morning practising mindfulness techniques.

Early meditation works best for many as it is generally the part of the day with the fewest distractions and so you can really get to grips with your thoughts and emotions, without fear of interruption.

If you are overstretched, meditating in bed or as part of your morning routine before starting the day will help you to feel more in control and leave you feeling calm enough to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Goal: Better Sleep

Best Time for Meditation – Before Bed

Our meditation team in Newcastle strongly recommend meditating before bed if you are having trouble with insomnia or your sleep. 

This allows you to calm the mind and nervous system so that your nervous system can calm down before sleep.  Meditating before bed also allows you to reflect on the day gone by, and on your thoughts, behaviours, actions and reactions throughout the day.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression or any condition that causes insomnia or typically interferes with your sleep, then meditation before bed can help ease these feelings and set you up for a better night of sleep.

Goal: Relaxation, Calming Anxiety

Best Time for Meditation – When you Feel Overwhelmed

When feeling overwhelmed, anxious or panicky, whether suddenly or as the result of something that has triggered these feelings, taking yourself away to meditate can help you reduce your feelings of overwhelm.

Focusing on your breath, the sounds around you, or the colours in your environment (going for a walk can be a great way of practising meditation during the day) can help you ground yourself back into your external world and unhook you from your internal thoughts and feelings.

Even if this is at an awkward time or place, meditation can be short and requires no specialist equipment and so you should take yourself off at the nearest available opportunity. 

For More Information on Meditation

To enquire or book one to one meditation sessions or workshops, or to discuss whether mindfulness or meditation can help you, contact us by calling 07966 645 198.

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