Can Hypnotherapy Break My Bad Habits?

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It is no secret that human beings are creatures of habit.

We start to form habits from a young age, and though they often change over time, some of our old habits can remain and become unhelpful for our current way of living or our current goals.

Because of this, not all habits are healthy or useful to us.

From smoking to biting your nails, many habits feel satisfying in the moment but can come with a negative consequences to your health, wellbeing, or lifestyle in the longer term.

If you are looking to break bad habits, our hypnotherapists in Newcastle can help you to let go of some of your usual patterns of responding and replace them with more helpful habits.

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Hypnotism is often associated with entertainment and stage hypnotism, though professional hypnotherapy is much different.

All of our hypnotherapists are qualified and trained in hypnotherapy for wellness, and are registered with relevant governing bodies to ensure ethical and safe practice.

Being able to trust your hypnotherapist is important, and while there are some myths about hypnotherapy that are false (such not being able to remember what happened, or being out of control during the session), it is important to acknowledge that hypnotherapy doesn’t change your personality or fixes your problem overnight.

Hypnotherapy is shown to work best after a block of sessions, rather than as a one-off.

Hypnotherapy & Bad Habits

The active ingredient in hypnotherapy is often the state of relaxation and the suggestions offered by the therapist during the hypnotherapy session.

You will be fully conscious of what is happening at all times, and you can open your eyes and be fully present again if at any time you feel uncomfortable.

Hypnotherapy is often carried out on a weekly basis, to help encourage and consolidate and new habits, and to help continue to break old habits.

What Habits can Your Hypnotherapy in Newcastle Help with?

Problems that our hypnotherapists commonly help with include:

  • Smoking
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Weight loss
  • Managing stress and tension
  • Helping to manage pain
  • Binge eating/unhealthy eating
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Drug or alcohol use

Contact us About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with a range of difficulties, individually or as part of a wider therapeutic programme – such as to assist with talking therapy, to complement existing medical treatment, or to help for your own benefit.

All of our hypnotherapists in Jesmond and Gosforth are fully trained and experienced in helping people with their difficulties.

If you would like to explore whether hypnotherapy can help you, contact us using the box below or call us on 07966645198 to speak to a member of the team today.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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