How Meditation Can Help Anxiety

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Many people in the UK suffer from anxiety and the problems that come with it.

A lot of the people that experience anxiety only do so in certain situations or are ‘high-functioning’, meaning that they are still able to continue and function (sometimes to a high level) in spite of their difficulties with the problem.

Overthinking and rumination or “dwelling” are common symptoms shared between anxiety sufferers and are some of the main mechanisms that keep anxiety going. Our meditation services in Newcastle can help you overcome the difficulties that anxiety can bring, and help you manage your emotions in a healthy way.

Here’s how:

Anxiety Often Involves Overthinking

Meditation is a skill that helps you to practice detaching from your thoughts.

This is something that anxious people find hard to do. Often, the inside of an anxious person’s mind can be best represented by lots of (often negative or threat based) thoughts occurring at the same time or one after the other.

Because our Meditation services in Newcastle help you learn to slow down the mind and become aware of your inner world, it can become easier to notice the chain of thoughts and negative thinking patters, and unhook from them.

Meditation is often part of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), which all share the goal of helping you to think and respond to thoughts and situations in a more flexible and helpful way.

When you practice meditation regularly, your brain becomes skilled at slowing down the mind and increasing your awareness of what you are thinking at any time. This can helps you to interrupt the pattern of overthinking.

Anxiety Can Be Overwhelming

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and produce a constant state of stress if it persists.

With tailored and 1:1 personal meditation classes you get your teacher’s full attention and you are able to learn specific approaches that will help you manage feelings of stress and overwhelm before they begin.

Many people engage with our meditation services in Newcastle because of our effective approaches to helping you manage anxiety through not just teaching you how to meditation but also working with you to implement it into your day to day life.

As you get better at learning the basics you can learn to access deeper levels of awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as you continue to practice.

Contact Us About 1:1 Meditation Classes in Newcastle

Meditation has been proven to help people improve their focus, which has a huge impact on how we respond to anxiety.

Our 1:1 or small group meditation classes in Newcastle (or online) can help you manage your thoughts, and help you deal with difficult emotions in calmer and more grounded way.

Fill in the box below or call us on 07966645198 to speak to a member of the team about our meditation services in Newcastle today.

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)

Best wishes,

Dr Stuart Sadler

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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