How to Quieten the Mind at Christmas

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Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year and can come with significant stress for many.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the rituals and mentions of Christmas are constant throughout the winter months. Shopping centres, restaurants and other public spaces are always bustling and if you have family or work tensions, it can cause you to experience stress, heighten feelings of depression, particularly if related to a loss or bereavement.

The Role of Meditation in Quietening the Mind

The meditation classes, which are largely one to one or in small groups, that Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling offer have the ability to help you learn to detach from your thoughts, improve your mood and live life in the present.

There are proven mental and stress relief benefits to meditation, however there are also physical health benefits that may surprise you. For example, research consistently shows that meditation can reduce the chance of developing heart disease, lower blood pressure, and reduce physical tension.

Those who regularly practice meditation one-to-one with our qualified Mindfulness Teacher in Newcastle also report increased feelings of calm and wellbeing.

One to One Mindfulness Sessions versus Mindfulness Classes

The meditation classes Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling provide can take place in private small groups or as one-to-one training sessions as desired.

By working with you individually or within a small group at time that suits you, your Mindfulness Teacher will be able to help you develop the skills that suit your goals, and help you progress quicker.

Many of our clients find that individual or small group works better than large classes, that often have rigid times or fixed structure.

Our sessions are able to be arranged at a time that suits you, and can focus on helping you achieve your goals through customised meditations which can be recorded and given to you to practice.

Mindfulness Meditation to Help with Christmas

If you have a lot of responsibility at Christmas or your relationship with your family is strained, the societal expectation to have fun and always be in a ‘jolly’ mood may trigger stress in you.

Our Specialist Mindfulness Teachers in Newcastle can teach you to mindfulness and meditation skills, whether face-to-face or online, that can strengthen your ability to cope with work and home stress, manage feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, and detach from racing thoughts and feelings of tension and pressure at Christmas, and in your everyday life.

The non-judgemental safe space that the one to one and small group meditation classes in Newcastle that we provide, whether at our clinic or online, is the perfect place to practice mindfulness so it can ground you back into everyday life and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by holidays like Christmas.

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